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At MARCOM, we specialize in offering comprehensive compressed air servicing solutions to all compressed air systems regardless of size and complexity. For 15 years we have been successfully strengthening our position in Polish compressed air market as a solid and reliable provider of 24/7 assistance to all needing unsurpassed expertise in sorting even most complicated compressed air problems. In that time we have traveled a long way from servicing just compressors, through refrigeration and adsorption dryers, vacuum pumps, compressor management, vacuum and compressed air system controllers (including PLIS technology), then expanded to diagnostic and measuring technologies until we reached the current level of maintaining and servicing all technology related to utilization of air in the full pressure range starting from vacuum, through low pressure all the way to high pressure air as used in different applications, e.g. blowing, drying, transport and cleaning in industrial contexts.

We now hold exclusive national maintenance and service contracts for a number of vacuum and compressed air equipment producers. Thanks to our central location and a dozen strong service fleet we are able to reach our clients in even the most remote parts of Poland within hours of the emergency call. Carefully selected teams of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers are ready to help maintain the continuity of production processes and to suggest a package of solutions optimizing the performance and efficiency of our clients’ operations. Our professional expertise combined with highly stocked genuine spare parts warehouses and full mobility of our service fleet allow us to responsibly maintain in full working order the compressed air systems of over a thousand clients nationwide who have confidently trusted us with their production performance and, effectively, -   through energy audits - financial ambitions.

Our main focus, at MARCOM, has been maintenance and service of all compressed air and vacuum generating and treating equipment, including complete compressed air systems and individual components of the systems – compressors, dryers, pumps, filters, receivers, air fuses, FRL equipment, condensate drains, water-oil separators, valves etc. Our diagnostic and measuring instruments, several of which on board our mobile laboratories, coupled with our service teams’ expertise and knowledge let us offer our clients energy and compressed air efficiency audits.

We measure the parameters of the entire systems (component choice validity, component technical specification validity, system configuration validity, energy loss due to potential leakage within existing systems, etc.), the parameters of compressed air equipment (compressors, dryers,  air fuses, tubes, pipes, hoses, etc.), and the parameters of compressed air within the systems (flow, pressure, dew point, humidity, oil content, solid particle contamination, etc.) Following audits we offer guidance and assistance in the design and installation of entire tailor-made compressed air systems based on our clients’ expectations and potential.

We are also ready and willing to offer manufacturers wishing to enter Polish market assistance both in terms of sales and after-sale service of their products and thus make the process of establishing presence on the new market smooth and care-free. We can guarantee top level hands-on experience combined with technical university level engineering in the service of industrial equipment of all degrees of technological sophistication.

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